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Our main aim is to provide culturally sensitive day resource services for the elderly Indian community. We offer a large range of activities at our centre that offer educational, fitness, social and above all fun events for all.

Some of Our Activities

  • Transport to and from the centre provided by our minibuses.
  • Entertainment through TV, Video, Radio and live performances by members
  • Music sessions everyday.
  • Luncheon Club, nutritious vegetarian meals freshly outsourced.
  • Library facilities – English, Gujarati, Hindi.
  • Arts and handicrafts classes weekly.
  • Chiropody fortnightly
  • Medical talk from from various institution
  • Screening clinic once a month on blood pressure, blood sugar, chest diseases, heart diseases etc

Some Other Benefits We Offer

  • Information, advice through a Link Worker every Thursday.
  • Yoga and exercise on Wednesday and Thursday consecutively.
  • Respite care, leisure and trips for carers
  • Monthly coach trips to places of interest outside of Manchester
  • Weekly general meeting of users.
  • Subcommittees for different activities – convenor of each subcommittee is a member of management committee.
  • Regular fund raising activities.
  • Management committee meeting 1st Monday of each month
  • Quarterly monitoring questionnaires
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Quarterly monitoring by all social services departments

Charity Number – 1040167

Company Number – 1040167

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