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The Indian Senior Citizens Centre sets out below the
“Code of Good Practices” required as a condition of membership

The ISCC members will comply with following general
guidelines at all times

  • Act in Good Faith.
  • Treat others equally and with respect.
  • Members must not act in a way which would bring the ISCC into disrepute.
  • Members must not engage themselves in any form of coercion against any other members, office bearers of the Management Committee or Staff of the ISCC.
  • Members must be able to take part in group discussions for the improvement of ISCC activities.
  • Media/PR contact should be discussed if possible in advance with the Chair.
  • Members should make sure their comments are accurate, well considered and well informed.
  • Health and Safety for all is paramount and Smoking is prohibited inside the building.
  • Any complaints made against anyone covered by this Code of Conduct will be handled in accordance with ISCC’s procedure of handling such complaints.
  • Because of new law of data protection, I give authority to ISCC to use my email address for correspondence.

Charity Number – 1040167

Company Number – 1040167

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